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Name:Lexie DeWitt (totally not Audrey Parker)
Birthdate:Jul 12

HMD, player contact, and navigation

Character info

Character name: Lexie DeWitt (Audrey Parker)
Canon: Haven
Usual canon point: Between 04x05 "The New Girl" and 04x06 "Countdown" (flexible!)
Gender: Female
Age: Thirty-one
Character summary: Bartender just turned small town cop. A bit of a wild child recently out of a breakup. Surprisingly empathetic for how sarcastic and inappropriate she can be. Alcohol's her answer to anything weird.
Appearance: 5'4" white woman. Long, wavy, light brown hair with bleach blonde streaks, probably ponytailed; gray eyes. Nose ring on right nostril, spiky double piercing earring in left ear, thin black choker necklace, multiple rings, black nail polish. Likely wearing skinny jeans or a short denim skirt, a tank top, calf high boots, and a leather jacket. Played by Emily Rose.
Voice: American English speaker, slight Southwestern twang. Low pitched. Played by Emily Rose.
Note: Despite the canon point above, I'm happy to play outside games both as Audrey pretending to be Lexie and as real Lexie!



Cross-medium: Yes
Fourth walling: No, and please don't fourth wall other canons in our threads.
Backtagging: Yes - I'm in a weird timezone and have an erratic schedule.
Threadjacking: Yes


Smut: Any gender's fine. No dubcon/noncon, bathroom stuff, or body modification.
Romance: Any gender's fine.
Fighting: Yes
Injury: Yes
Mind reading: No
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