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How's my driving? How can I improve with Audrey?

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Canon: Haven Wiki, gifs, edits, and quotes, as Lexie; expertise

Inspiration: Visualosities
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Audrey Parker ยท listed IC as Lexie DeWitt

Twenty-two years, six months, two weeks of debt (as of September 2015)
Lives in room 19 with Peggy Carter and Ruby Lucas
Bartender at the Dal Riata; randomly drops in on the infirmary
Claims to be 32 and feels like it; really "600ish" but has no idea

App (with unmarked season 5A spoilers), [community profile] teleios tag, [community profile] for_afavor tag

Taken from between episodes 04x05 "The New Girl" and 04x06 "Countdown"
In game from May 2014 - September 2015

  • Wind chimes made of forks and spoons which used to hang outside her apartment in Haven. Gained June 2014 from AC bonus round.
  • Haven police department evidence bag containing Sarah Vernon's ring, Lucy Ripley's locket, HPD standard issue gun (third generation Glock 17), and various photos from her Sarah, Lucy Ripley, and Audrey Parker days. Gained October 2014 from AC bonus round.
  • Paperback copy of Unstake My Heart, a teenage vampire novel by Nikki Wiles. The title page has a handwritten note reading "Happy B-day" and "44 2 65/68 785". Gained March 2015 from AC bonus round.

  • Seeing weak points between worlds, which her original identity knows as "thinnies". She can find out if they're open by trying to stick her hand into them, but they hurt her if they're sealed. Gained November 2014 from Agentmas. Actually one of her original identity's abilities but she had no idea.

    Previous room assignments:
    lots )

    Previous jobs:
  • May 2014 - December 2014: Stables (no jobs in winter, got new job)

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